Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Immortal

who are you?
stuck over tightly between chest and stomach,
it doesn't matter, but it's funny
how it make any sense to me

who are you?
how dare you make me feel so blue
leave me alone without any clue
without trying to fix what's left in you

baby, i know i can't reach you
i wasn't give it up, but i'm not what you're going up to
you're about one step closer to the sky
while i sit back and still learn to fly

i'm going home when it's rain,
and beginning to think it's plain
i'd like to be alone, and faithfully
you don't have to make any joke of me

baby, i'm such a mess
i'm something you can never guess
but when there's thunder everywhere
i know that we can always meet somewhere

Velta Azizah Destiana
30/11/2010, some hours earlier before my born day

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Dream That Can Never Speak

The day you held me around my neck

Was killing me softly, and I don't want to know

What is love before and after you gone?

I asked to a tree of hopes in my dream though they can never speak

They may find thirteen answers but none of them was right

So I left and meet you half way

Your love on me was laying in my breath, and you look after me to show that you will try your best

You said that I choose a right way, and you spoke louder

"Would you please forget me? Please, in the name of December!"

If that's the very last thing I can do right before I die, I surely will

But I don't even know how...

But I honestly didn’t know that...