Sunday, October 17, 2010


*let's pretend we're doing QnA so I won't be awkwardly telling people too much about myself when there's nothing to answer*

 Hello. My name is Velta.
- Cool one! Where'd you get your name from?
Some porn vintage comic.
- Wh-whoa. Really?
Yeah. You may Google it. Tell me what you find.
- ...Okay. I have to. You're right. Sorry.
No probs. Getting used to it. So?
- Okay. So when is the actual time you start blogging?
I started in 2009, there's nothing much for me to do in Junior High School so I made one. I like talking and writing so much.
- Yes, yes. And what's on your blog actually?
Regular stuff. Things I like, things I don't like. I'm a moody bastard so can we move to another non-boring questions?
- ...What kind of music do you like? Did you play any instrumental before?
Anything! I like post rock, smooth jazz, pop, country, etc etc. You name it. And yes, I play guitar and violin sometimes.
- Violin?
- No, it's nothing like that.
Well actually I taught myself so it's not that good. My parents won't let me hire any music teacher.
- Ok. So how do you do?
I'm an ordinary student who love filmmaking, photography, and waste my time and money collecting fantasy and young-adult books.
- Why ''?
Gonna be the longest answer, then.
Back in 2009, I found '' free domains are not that interesting. So I wait for the time where I can afford my own domain and have a proper site. When suggesting the name of the domain, I'm thinking of some cool names. But this one is my favorite, because I really love J. R. R. Tolkien since I was innocent. That was the first time I visit the movie theater to watch "Lord Of The Rings" with my best aunty. (Thanks Mr. Peter Jackson, my first film is the best!)
So well, I can conclude that, this blog is my own 'fantasy'. The way I escaped the original "me" people mostly known as a reckless, careless, despicable, ignorant, weird, violent, pushy, tricky, hyperactive, silly, impulsive, manipulative, intimidating, person. Somehow the list goes on and on and on. If you haven't met me yet, you won't guess it. I swear.
I want this to be my fantastical labyrinth. I have never been into any labyrinth before but when I do, I want you to join me, trap to this never-end dreams and hopes and stories and movies and books and comedies, and musics, with me.

Oh God what a touché ending.

Friday, October 1, 2010

koko ni iru yo

I’m so damn tired with all of this examinations thingy recently.

It feels like I have no air to breathe. I’m not the type of a diligent student you may imagine, but how awful if I got the worse scores during the test. So I did my best. And then, the result is... I got an excellent class! Yeay! I still just can’t believing. Then I think I need lots of refreshing. So to fill my spare time, I’d rather read comics and try to learn how to draw Mangaka. That’s how it works. By the way, I want to share something that no one could ever understand about me. The new and real me.

Now I know what it feels like to be Sumino-san.

I love being alone. I’d love to walk just by myself in the street, thinking so many stupid or maybe kinda proper thoughts. I don’t care if it’s rainy over there. As long as I’m alone, I won’t take it seriously.

I was realizing that I need no friends. I’m okay. I’m not pretend to be stronger or being such a jerky traitor. But deep down here, I feel not so okay with some problems that I can’t handle. I know, there are lots of ‘friends’ beside me. We know each other, play games together, and share much laughter. But I just understand what makes me feel this lonesome. I know they’re always there, but I just can’t feel them here. Friends are just another un-eternal things that come and go. It’s kinda waste efforts to act cool and nothing’s going.

It just happened and simply run like that through I’m trying to fix everything start from now on. I’ll forget about it and just be myself. My ‘own’ self. That everyone never realized before. That anyone would hate, and pass through times…

I need... To be found and saved too.